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Makeup Dissolver

• Oil-free lid and lash cleanser
• Formulated with anti-inflammatory extracts
• Removes all traces of makeup without irritating eyes
• Safe for contact lens wearer
4.0 oz$26.99

Flash Foam Cleanser

• Foaming daily cleanser and mild exfoliant
• Power-packed with exfoliating pumpkin, papaya and pineapple enzymes; plus, antioxidant-rich green tea extract and moisture-boosting vitamin B5
• Dissolves dirt, dead cells and makeup in one step
6.5 oz$33.99

Moisture Positive Cleanser

• Rich lotion cleanser with a mild foaming action
• Contains healing Bioelements Adaptogens and aromatherapist oils
• Gently cleanses skin leaving it hydrated, radiant and refreshed
6.0 oz$34.99
2.0 oz$12.99

Decongestant Cleanser

• Lathering gel cleanser
• Fortified with antiseptic plant extracts
• Thoroughly foams away pore-clogging dirt, makeup and excess oils leaving skin squeaky clean
6.0 oz$34.99
2.0 oz$12.99

Twice Daily Bar

• Soap-free cleansing bar
• Laced with healing plant extracts and gentle cleansing agents
• Cleanses skin thoroughly, leaving it sparkly clean and comfortable
6.0 oz$19.99

Gentle Creme Eye Makeup Remover

•Dissolves all traces of makeup
•Won't tingle or sting
•Contains calming plant extracts
•Ophthalmologist approved
4.0 oz$27.99

Sensitive Cleanser

• Water-activated oil that converts to gentle foam
• Complexion-calming oils melt away makeup, pollutants and excess sebum without any irritating side effects. Dermatologist tested for sensitivity.
• Helps strengthen skin's protective barrier against moisture loss and irritation
4.0 oz$45.99

Calmitude™ Hydration Solution

* Instantly relieves dehydration
* Reduces redness
* Protects against environmental irritants
4.0 oz$26.99

Calmitude™ Sensitive Skin Moisturizer

* Hydrates and smoothes
* Discourages irritation
* Strengthens skin's protective barrier
* Reduces redness
* Dermatologist tested for irritancy and sensitivity
4.0 oz$39.99

Calmitude™ Delicate Skin Eye Gel

•Smoothes-out skin texture
•Minimizes puffiness
•Undarkens circles
•Helps defend against irritants
•Moisturizes and firms
•Ophthalmologist approved
0.5 oz$37.99


•Hydrates just-cleansed skin
•Rebalances and nourishes
•Prepares skin for moisturizer
•Supports and strengthens
2.0 oz$10.99
6.0 oz$27.99

Power Peptide

• Adds youthful radiance
• Revitalizes skin with renewing peptides
• Boosts moisture
• Brightens and refines skin tone
6.0 oz$36.00
2.0 oz$14.00
The sun's ultraviolet rays can damage and age your skin through constant day in, day out exposure. Bioelements believes that you should apply sunscreen protection daily to all exposed body parts, especially face and hands, and reapply as needed.

Sun Diffusing Protector

• Advanced Technology SPF 15 combination sunscreen/moisturizer
• Combines sun-deflecting titanium and zinc particles with pharmaceutical grade sunscreen agents. Blocks 95.5% of the sun's rays.
• Forms an invisible, non-greasy barrier on skin to hold in moisture while filtering out damaging rays
4.0 oz$39.99

SPF 50 FaceScreen

•For maximum UVA/UVB protection
•Moisturizing sunscreen
•Safeguards against the sun’s harmful effects including wrinkles, loss of elasticity and pigmented brown spots
2.3 oz$49.99

RayDefense SPF 30

Named the 'Best Sunscreen for Face' by
Broad spectrum SPF 30 moisturizer
Provides protection for an active, outdoor lifestyle and prolonged sun exposure
Decreases the risk of skin cancer and early skin aging caused by the sun when used as directed
Dermatologist tested and clinically tested to be non-irritating
4.0 oz$39.99
To keep skin in top shape you need to safeguard and supplement its water-to-oil balance. Used regularly, Bioelements moisturizers lubricate, hydrate and regulate oil while our masks act as potent balancing treatments. All moisturizers can be custom blended.

Crucial Moisture

• Nutrient-rich moisturizer
• Power-packed with healing Bioelements Adaptogens, aromatherapist oils and high-speed hydrators
• Instantly relieves dryness and reduces surface lines leaving skin soft and smooth
2.5 oz$31.50

Absolute Moisture

• Lightweight fragrance-free moisturizer
• Contains self-adjusting hydrators, skin softening sodium PCA and moisture-binding hyaluronic acid
• Smoothes softens and balances skin
2.5 oz$31.50

Beyond Hydration

• 100% oil-free hydrating moisture gel
• Fortified with moisturizing Phosopholipids and astringent plant extracts
• Hydrates and strengthens skin without clogging pores or causing breakouts
2.5 oz$33.99

Really Rich Moisture

•Power-packed with natural emollients
•Extremely rich yet non-greasy
•Leaves skin feeling comfortable - never taut or dry
2.5 oz$41.99

Instant Emollient

• Ultra-rich moisture stick for lips
• Laced with soothing Bulgarian Rose and Chamomile aromatherapist oils and vitamin E
• Instantly relieves dryness and prevents chapping. Apply under lipstick or use alone for silky smooth lips
0.1 oz$28.99

Multi-Task Eye Creme

• Advanced formula eye creme
• Supercharged with pigment-lightening actives, firming lipoic acid, brightening antioxidants, strengthening beta glucan, de-puffing cucumber and moisturizing shea butter
• Firms, de-puffs, moisturizes and reduces dark circles around eyes
0.5 oz$37.99

Sleepwear for Eyes

•Decreases wrinkle length and depth
•Visibly reduces fine lines
•Increases firmness around eyes
•Strengthens thin, fragile skin
0.5 oz$48.99

Quick Refiner

• Light, liquid gel exfoliator
• Loaded with Alphablend glycolic and milti-fruit acids
• Eliminates dead surface cells uncovering smoother, softer skin. Visible results in just one application
3.0 oz$45.99

Measured Micrograins

• Facial scrub with extremely micro-fine granules
• Cushioned in a base of soothing oats and cleansing clay
• Gently removes dead cells leaving skin bright and radiant
2.5 oz$39.99

Pumice Peel

• Manual microdermabrasion treatment
• Contains refined white pumice crystals, emollient hydrogenated polydecene, ginseng extract and antioxidants
• Removes dead cell layers and accelerates the turnover of fresh new cells to stimulate collagen and elastin within the skin
2.5 oz$50.99
A team of high potency serums designed to solve problems and improve the appearance of your skin. Layer the Specifics under your Bioelements Protector or Moisturizer on just-cleansed skin.

Moisture x10®

* Fights dehydration in low-humidity surroundings
* Safeguards skin's delicate water-to-oil balance
* Boosts the efficiency of moisturizer
* Smooths skin with hyaluronic acid and dimethicone
1.0 oz$39.99

Stress Solution

• Skin-soothing lightweight serum
• Unique blend of antioxidants, honeysuckle flower, green tea, cornflower and licorice root extracts in a super-sleek base
• Calms and smoothes skin while it protects against visible irritation from over-exfoliation, sensitivities or aggressive topical products
1.0 oz$48.99

Breakout Control

• Light adult acne lotion
• Contains 2.5% pharmaceutical grade benzoyl peroxide
• Dries and heals existing blemishes and helps prevent future breakouts
1.0 oz$39.99

Probotix Anti-Aging Serum

• Intensive overnight treatment
• Contains a blend of probiotic actives immersed in nourishing milk proteins to help prevent wrinkles and loss of firmness
• Creates an environment within the skin that allows it to regain its natural microflora balance and become more age-resistant
• Clinical testing on topical probiotics shows that it helps strengthen skin, enabling it to resist aging at every stage of the process - from early to mature
1.0 oz$65.99


•Smooths out lines and wrinkles
•Helps rebuild firming collagen and elastin
•Helps strengthen skin's protective barrier layer
•Encourages younger-looking skin
1.5 oz$59.99

Oil Control Sleepwear

• Overnight rejuvenation creamy-gel suitable for oily skin types.
• It infuses the complexion with a never-before-used scientific complex of topical Calcium, time-released retinol, protein peptides and vitamin E.
• Rebuilds firming collagen and elastin.
• Replenishes antioxidants.
• Increases skin's hydration and controls oil production.
1.5 oz$59.99

Recovery Serum

• Silky emollient serum
• Supercharged with skin-repairing ceramides, lipids and aromatherapist oils in an unbelievably sleek-feeling base
• Repairs and soothes damaged, overexfoliated or aging skin and restores its moisture barrier
1.0 oz$63.99


• Stabilized hydrogen peroxide creme
• Infused with hydrogen peroxide manufactured from atmostpheric oxygen plus green tea extract, vitamins C and E and antibacterial lavender oil
• Gives an oxygen boost to skin that's sluggish and resistant to products due to environmental stressors, cigarette smoke or normal aging
1.0 oz$50.99


* Fights premature age signs
* Helps firm and tighten skin
* Boosts collagen density
1.0 oz$59.99

V-Neck Smoothing Creme

* Visibly reduces depth of neck creases
* Fades freckles caused by the sun
* Smoothes out skin texture
1.5 oz$59.99

Spotless Cleanser

• Medicated gel-based cleanser
• Powercharged with 2% pharmaceutical grade salicylic acid and exfoliating enzymes
• Helps clear acne blemishes and discourages future breakouts
3.0 oz$38.99

Active Astringent

• Medicated astringent for acneic skin
• Formulated with 0.5% pharmaceutical grade salicylic acid and astringent herbs
• Drenches skin with acne fighters to control oil and acne bacteria
3.0 oz$44.99

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